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Would you like to taste the trofie of Recco, the Gulf fresh fried fish and typical Liguria wines like Vermentino and Pigato? At hotel dei Fiori in Alassio is always possible to enjoy sophisticated and tasting courses.

Special children, diet and vegetarian menu. Everyday in our restaurant a rich buffet breakfast is waiting for you for a perfect waking up.
For lunch and dinner choice among three menu with meat and fish, a wide salads and vegetables buffer. And don't forget exquisite hand-made pastries and cakes. Melting food and wine means create an harmony of scents and flavours, extolling the characteristics of products.
Hotel dei Fiori offers an accurate list of great wines and a Sommelier to recommend your perfect choice

Mixed deep fried fish: Ingredients for 4 servings

400 grams of prawns; 400 grams of red lobsters from Sanremo; 500 grams of big squids; 200 grams of minute newborn fish without fishbone; 2 goat fish; 4 sole fillets, 4 slices of sea toad; 8 small dormous; 8 anchovies; 400 grams of white flour; 500 grams of cold water; 2 dl of peanut oil; 12 ice cubes; salt to taste.

Fritto misto in pastella


Thread the fish, clean the lobsters by removing the inside of the head, slice the squids after having peeled them under running water and wash the remaining fish.
Rollin flour the minute newborn fish and sieve them with the squids; dip the threaded fish in a compound made with water, flour and ice.
Put a frying pan with oil on the stove. When it will have reached a temperature of 170-180 °C you may start frying, starting with the shellfish and leaving the minute newborn fish last since they only need 2 minutes of cooking.
Season with salt only before serving. It is very important not to add salt to the compound since salt concentrates humidity which is not suitable to obtain a crunchy crust.

Fritto misto in pastella

Typical flavors of Liguria

The restaurant offers typical Liguria recipes and Italian and international cooking.

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